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Jim Duncan Glass - custom glass counters and table tops

Jim Duncan Glass -textured architectural glss

Jim Duncan Glass - glue chip art glass

Jim Duncan Glass - custom glass products and design

Jim Duncan Glass - custom textured glass surface treatments






eco-friendly textured glass

The sculpting process is an eco-friendly “green”
glass texturing process. The only component
used is colloidal protein, a recycled animal by-product.
Any waste produced  during the texturing process is

No high temperatures are used so energy consumption is
almost nil compared to other types textured glass.
Nor are there any chemicals used so no harmful pollutants
are created that might impact the environment.

Duncan sculpted glass.

Jim Duncan Glass

sculpted glass counters, table tops,
architectural and art glass

Jim Duncan Glass
Onami Glass (tm) by jim Duncan Glass
Jim Duncan Glass - Hand Crafted

hand crafted

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Jim Duncan Glass - Eco-Friendly textured glass
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